Soul Gratitude Journal: A New Way

Soul Gratitude Journal - An Improved Way To Journal

Would love to share with you how I changed my entries in my soul gratitude journal. They went from almost a chore to an exciting adventure where I am the heroine, however,

I found expressing gratitude in my journal after an event satisfying but short term. Once the event had taken place, my thoughts and energy went onto the next event.

So I looked to see how I could change my entries in my soul gratitude journal and really take on board the gratitude. I wanted an adventure not a daily chore. So to develop my soul, I came up with this:

  • On the first day of every month, I write a gratitude story in my journal as if it is the end of the month. This story puts me as the heroine and as if the story has actually happened.
  • In this story I list all the wonderful things that have happened during the month and how I feel about having them in my life. Then I express my overall gratitude.
  • Then, every morning before I meditate, I give gratitude and note down how I feel about what was accomplished the day before, this uplifts and empowers me for my day ahead.
  • After meditation, I select 1-3 action steps to take this day to bring my story into being.

At the end of the month, I grab some time and a beverage to read my uplifting and inspiring story for the month. This is because I am the heroine and get to choose what happens to me. All the action and the happily ever afters are happening for me in the now. Not some time in the past or the future, now.

What better story to read than one you get to create. You are the heroine/hero, you provide the necessary ingredients and live the happily ever after. Not someone else's happily ever after, yours and in the now.

Then I plan and plot my Soul Gratitude Journal's next month of gratitude !!!

It's Sunday, maybe it's time for you to dig out a journal and get started. Design your life so you become your own heroine/hero. Actively mold your soul by what you create and let go of when designing these monthly stories.

Who knows what your soul needs better than you, so tender your soul garden and it will tender you.

Su & Soul Seekers

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  1. Vasundhra on December 5, 2019 at 16:02

    How beautiful! You’ve merged visualization with affirmations and actions, plus journaling! This is definitely going to be a power-packed tool to try, thanks for the inspiration!

    • Su on December 5, 2019 at 17:47

      Thanks Vasundhra, it serves me very well. I like mixing and matching things, creating new recipes!

  2. Alexandra on December 5, 2019 at 18:12

    This is amazing! I love how you make a gratitude story at the beginning of the month. It’s like you are manifesting the good! I love it

    • Su on December 5, 2019 at 18:14

      Thank you Alexandra, I find it sets me up for the month and if I’m feeling a little down, it’s a reminder and a pick me up.

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