Looking For An Alternative To Sage?

Looking for an alternative to sage? Are you like me and like to keep the air in your home fresh, clear and healthy? Not just from everyday dust, dirt and grime but energetically as well. Do you like the aroma of burnt leaves, especially sage? Neither do I, so I started looking for an alternative to sage.

Although vacumns are very eficient for collecting debris and especially in carpets, I still like to brush my space afterwards, my space feels fresher, lighter somehow.

Every few months, for a deeper freshening experience, I used to burn sage but no matter how hard I tried, I never got used to the smell. So I began a quest and started looking for an alternative to sage.

My windows are almost always open, even at night in winter. Thinking that maybe it was a night air issue, so blankets are piled on, electric blankets or hot water bottles are close by and my face is always above the covers. This is the best sleep, yet still this did not effect the day air.

Alternative to Sage ~ Essential Oils

I tried essential oils but to be honest, although the aroma was a lovely experience, once the smell was gone, I found the air had not changed.

Alternative to Sage ~ Salt

I came across salt and found that it has played a role in purifying objects or repelling evil in many religions throughout history.

In the Buddhist tradition, salt is used to repel evil spirits, and Buddhist monks are known to throw salt over their shoulders after funerals to make sure evil spirits didn't follow them home.

In our family, whenever salt was used in cooking, a pinch of salt was thrown over one shoulder for either good luck or to make a wish.

The Shinto religion also use salt to purify an area, which is why salt is thrown into the center of the ring before sumo wrestling matches: to remove malevolent spirits.

Alternative to Sage ~ How to Salt Your Home

Would you like to try salt to purify your own home?

Pouring salt in the corners of your home will bring you good luck, peace, and prosperity.

An easy salt ritual involves standing in the middle of your room, picking up handfuls of salt and spraying it into the corners of the room whilst moving in a clockwise direction. This drives away negative energy, purifies the air and protects your home.

Remember to leave an opening during this ceremony and mindfully drive the unwanted energy to that space.

It's worth a try.

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  1. Alexandra on December 14, 2019 at 11:23

    This is great! I never knew salt had so many amazing benefits! Thank you for the insight!

  2. Anja on December 14, 2019 at 11:31

    Never loved sage myself… But I found out that Palosanto works waaay batter for me.
    Will try with salt in the corners of the room as well.

  3. Vasundhra on December 14, 2019 at 12:37

    Goosebumps! I had no clue that’s why Buddhists throw salt behind their shoulder.

    Indians do something similar but at weddings – we throw rice behind our shoulders. Now I’m intrigued if that has any significance energetically too. Interesting read, thanks Su!

    • Su on December 14, 2019 at 14:03

      Must admit I looked it up “By throwing rice, the bride thanks her parents for feeding her so well since childhood and having loved her so affectionately. Rice is a symbol of properity.

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