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Listen ~ Your Soul Is Communicating

Are You Having Trouble Communicating?

Do you say to yourself “That’s not what I really want or wanted to say”? Why can’t I express from my soul, my true self and not what always responding with what others want to hear. We need to learn to trust ourselves again and listen to our soul when we communicate.

Now is the time, to start trusting yourself in all situations, home, work and social.

Trust in what your soul is communicating to you!

We all crave to be a part of something, especially when it comes to personal interaction, to feel a connection and be valued, so do the other participants.
When you have trouble joining in, ‘Trust’ is the only requirement for a favourable outcome. Trust in oneself and trust in others for all the elements to come together for the common good and have fun doing so.
When you have trust in yourself, the other parties connect with that and can feel safe to open up themselves and the connection you share is reflected when you consult. Where everyone has a voice and is heard so the majority decision can be agreed upon and followed. This creates a cohesive group and is a reflection of true consultation.

I tend to think of these interactions as mini soul journeys (a journey within a journey), especially on the communication side. And so it is with all who come together.

Have faith and focus on what you bring to the table. Although you may not all be on the same page at the same time, different viewpoints bring clarity.
The interrupting force is the ego through the mind, all it wants is to keep you safe. Problem is, that includes stopping you flying and enjoying the experience.

How to leave your mind behind so that you are listening to your soul when communicating

  1. Forget feeling the fear and putting your head in the sand and leaving it all to others, this hurts everyone, especially you. No-one is indispensable and the group will find another person to replace you. You may never know what you bring to the table unless you are a part of it.
  2. Ask your soul (heart) what it thinks. Don’t give into doubt and go with your first thought.
  3. Forget looking too closely at another’s creativity (unless asked), this will undoubtedly interrupt their creative flow and put a spanner in the works between the two of you. 
  4. Listen to your own ideas, ask others if they think it will be a good fit. People appreciate being asked and included.
  5. Trust in your soul, it provides pleasant surprises all the time.
“There are many paths to the top of the mountain, all ending up at the same place. The view is the same and enjoyed by all.”

What makes the climb worth it? Not just the view, that’s enjoyable but fleeting, listening to your soul communicating with other souls, that’s vibrational harmony and lives in your heart.

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