Life's Hurricanes - Handling The Aftermath

Life’s Hurricanes – Conquering The Aftermath

After handling the first one, the second one is a breeze, literally and metaphorically speaking.

What results in hurricane damage the first time and subsequently if not dealt with?

Taking nature as an example

Your trees (yourself):

  • branches break due to an imbalance of energy. Energy is going to specific places in the tree. Too much in some areas and not enough in others. An example of this is where the lower branches have been removed by design so only the top of the tree flourishes. This is represented by not taking care of yourself as well as others. Certain types of palm trees can handle this as they are this way by design and can bend almost to a 45% angle without breakage, if healthy) (imbalance of how you spend your daily energy)
  • uproot due to insufficient grounding
  • leaves blow away, insufficient receipt of energy when formed or no longer needed

Your bushes (your family/tribe)

  1. Yes they may take a bashing but if they stick together and support one another, recover is quick and relatively painless
  2. To ensure support for the next storm, take a look inside, is the support there when you will need it or is it all surface. Trim back the unnecessary growth and nurture what is already there.

Your garden (surroundings)

  • Full of debris, mostly unwanted
  • some deposited by the hurricane but mostly from unwanted or undealt with situations and people.

Your plants (people in your life outside of your family/tribe)

  • Battered and bruised if not taken care of
  • Thriving or quickly bounce back as you have spent time and attention on them

Your lawn (Your life’s landscape and support)

  • maybe brown from salt burn but will recover quickly if debris is removed.

If you have been neglecting your overgrowth, now is the time to make any necessary adjustments. Hopefully you will see results fairly quickly but if it has been a long time, you may have to wait until spring time or a full cycle (everything has its own season) but it will improve and blossom.

Stay free flowing but grounded in your responsibilities to yourself.


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Part 1 ~ Life’s Hurricanes ~ Are Your Transformation

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