Overcome Obstacles

Do You Overcome Obstacles In Your Life, Or Are You Following Your Direction?

Life Is Not Linear, Nor Smooth. Some Obstacles, Unexpected As They May Be Are Welcome.

Life has its ups and downs. It’s not always in balance nor is it a jet-propelled line drawn in the sky.

Having goals helps you navigate the ups and downs that life has you experiencing on a day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year basis. Even with each life season of experiencing being a baby, a child, a teen, an adult comes with their own sets of ups and downs. Then comes each decade!

We all experience ups and downs, some really hard ones. They can come early, middle or late in life. The answer is to keep your end goals in mind, in focus. To let all things flow, the good as well as the bad. Both come with blessings (in hindsight) but until those blessings are revealed, live your life on a daily basis. Try to have some time for each area of your life on a daily basis, if not weekly. Although our minds may compartmentalize each area, in reality, they help and feed each other.
Some life experiences come early in life to set us up for our path in this lifetime. Others come when we are ready to explore and grow within ourselves to the next level.
Some come later in life to reset our direction. We can become too comfortable in our own comfort zones. Life happens to shake us up sometimes.
As the saying goes “the devil you know is better than the one you don’t” But why keep beating yourself up. Yes, it’s the unknown, but we have all been here before and survived. In some cases looked forward to it. I know I have. 
Knowledge is wonderful but it can have a downside too. We learn to be careful, to worry, to hold ourselves back. I look forward to the day when all knowledge is taught from both sides. What we need to concern ourselves with and where is the balance between the two. I’m a bit of an idealist, but that is one of my goals.

Seasons are not linear

Take note of the seasons taking place in your area of residence. Unfortunately, I can’t address the whole world with this post, but it will be here when Winter comes around again.


In olden times, resources were scarce, so we had to make do, make time to take stock of what we have. Use up what’s at hand and create space for expansion and new things to come into our life.
Winter is an ideal time to step back and reassess. Make sure you are the director of your life. You may have responsibilities but most of them were probably of your choosing. Maybe take back some control and be your own life director. The new shoots, the new life. Winter is the season for you to do the same.
The solstice in winter (Dec 21 ~ shortest day of the year) represents the birth of the spiritual sun that resides in all of us. That we are not separate from the creator, as we have been conditioned to believe and that we are divine beings.”


Spring is only a few months away, take this winter season to review your life. Sort out your stuff, internally and externally. Make structured plans for your dreams.
After your review, write a letter to yourself from five years into the future. What would you like your life to look like? Include some accomplishments and some ongoing projects. Finish off by ‘what you would tell yourself today looking back from this perspective. Seal and Date It.
Here you can write as a future letter and they will deliver it to you in 1, 3 or 5 years’ time.
I have one due in three years but now do one annually. I find it great accountability and a wake-up tool.
Have fun, explore, asses your obstacles into the wanted and unwanted categories. Dream as you write by connecting with your soul. Are you meeting your internal and external goals?
End with a loving blessing.


As long as we accept that life is not going to be smooth sailing, we can weather the storms by being prepared and flexible when they arrive. Just like stepping stones in a stream, all you need are your feet firmly planted and adjust your sails to move with the wind.

Namaste 🙏
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