Soul Seekers

If You're Not Fulfilled In Your Life,
Don't Live That Way Another Day!


"It's Your Life Too"

Why is your life all about serving others?
It's not like many, if any, do the same for you?

Whilst we agree that service is a life virtue, servitude isn't.

Servitude is not the reason we are placed on this earth and because this is your current state,
your life feels like it is missing something or someone, maybe that someone is 'You'.

It's within this inequality that we experience a struggle with stress, fear and anxiety.

Today, is the day we reclaim our own life and release these struggles, the day we start the journey to reclaim our balance and inner harmony.


Take the first step today, connect with us and share your intentions, your visions. We promise to listen, connect with you and navigate your unique plan to accomplish this.

We supply the necessary tools for your journey to create balance in your life. Balance cannot be found, it has to be created to experience inner harmony. Our purpose is to serve as architect, guide and companion on this creative journey. Through completing our exclusive soul map and using our soulful logic, your resulting plan will be a plan that works for you. It will provide you with inspiration to take action on your visions and create that much needed balance. This plan will be the light your path needs to reclaim your life.

We’re a unique kind of wellbeing space. We look to serve as a catalyst for reconnecting to the soul and celebrating the individual which ultimately provides benefit to the world. To accomplish this, we may invoke dialogue and shed new light on your current perceptions and processes along the way. We tailor our coaching to the soul of the individual, not a set program.

No-one is you, you are unique. This is your power and your uniquness is what you have to offer, it's so needed.

During Our Coaching You Will Encounter How To:

  • tips and techniques to put yourself first
  • clear away limiting behaviours and learn to listen to your inner knowing and trust your intuition
  • discern which interactions are working for you, which aren't and how to streamline them to fit into your lifestyle, not the other way round.
  • enjoy what is good in your life and re-balance what is not
  • increase your focus (not just in actions)
  • increase your awareness and observation of self and interaction with others, without judgement
  • regulate emotions
  • decrease stress, anxiety and depression
  • make friends with your mind, it's your greatest ally,

If you want to be a participant in your life, experience these results and ready to take action, let's talk and together we will make it happen!

No Obligation Coaching Session


This 30-minute complimentary session is to discuss your current challenge and see if our working together will give you the results you are looking for.

The focus of this session will be to discuss:

  • A current issue you would like to overcome, enhance or reassess in your life
  • Your desired result; and
  • How we would work together to overcome this challenge

If you are interested, please contact me either using the form on this page or directly at when we can make arrangements. Please note that to get the most out of your session, there will be a short form to complete prior to the call.

This would be a no obligation complimentary session.


Su & Soul Seekers

Coaching Sessions

Coaching with Heart


We recommend having a 30-minute complimentary session to explore your needs and what it would be like to work together (see information above).

When you are ready to move forwards, we have a selection of sessions to choose from outlined below. You can engage in individual 60 minute sessions or select a package suitable for your needs.


Not Quite Sure Yet, Have Questions Or Need More Information?

If you are not ready to book a time to chat yet, but would like additional information,

complete this form and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

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Desiree Testimonial

.is heart-centered, non-biased and clear thinking. On a deeper level she is a guide and mentor who listens and helps you hear yourself, to hear the chatter of your mind, your monkey mind when it's in mind-melt.

She helps you work it out and to still your mind and see your truth. She helps you to return to your galactic greatness but remain refreshingly humble and rise forth.

She assists you in returning to Life's realization that at all times we have been both the prisoner & prison-guard and yet the Teacher & The Student, I thank thee.. "

Dr. D Ward