Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice to You and Your Family.

Our annual winter solstice in the northern hemisphere is celebrated throughout lots of religions and cultures and has many soulful meanings that make it so much more than just the shortest day of the year.

Our inital reaction to this time of year is that it is long with cold and dark days and months ahead. But if we look upon the winter solstice as an extremly spiritual and soulful day with its many spirital meanings, we can make this day so much more and it will help carry us through to spring the following year.

The winter solstice, which falls on December 21st each year, marks an important time in the year, a time of transition that is too powerful to ignore. This is why it is celebrated by many different groups throughout the world.

Winter Solstice - Pagan Times

In pagan times, the winter solstice was a celebration of the Moon Goddess energy as it gives birth to the sun which holds a powerful energy of regeneration and renewal from self-reflection. This definately puts a magical spin on things!

Winter Solstice ~ Christians

For Christians, this day is near the birth of Jesus, so it represents the birth of higher beings and is symbolic that we are not seperate from creation but a part of it and that we are all divine beings. This is where religion and spirtuality meet.

Winter Solstice ~ Agnostics/Aethiests

If you aren't particularly religious or spiritual, you may feel this doesn't refer to you.  However, it is a time of year when you can have some quiet time to reflect back on the year just passed, your highs and lows and how you can take these occasions/lessons and improve in the following year. To take the time to see what you can let go as they are no longer serving you. I tend to tie this process in with the moon cycles. Instead of 28 its 365 days.

Moon Cycle vs Sun Cycle

Due to it being a 365 day cycle and not the moon's 28 day cycle, it's a time to be more serious in your goals and intentions. You can do this by taking some actions and not lust leave these in thought.  As you become more practised, and older, you sub-consciously look for shortcuts and if you don't keep a diary, these cycles become thought of fancy and can pass you by.

The Winter Solstice is essentially tied to a personal awakening.

We have outlined some suggestions for you below , so see what attracts you or maybe all of them. They are all enjoyable pastimes.

On a personal note, I originate not far from the site of Stonehenge and it definately is a magical place to visit.

Here are some Winter Solstice rituals you may wish to incorporate:
Winter Solstice Light A Candle
Burn Candles

Once The Sun Has Gone Down, Light Some Candles In The Sun's Honor.

Using mindfulness, this keeps the sun's energy with you and provides many benefits.

You may not have visibly spotted it that day, but you know its there!

Have you ever wondered about the attraction for burning candles, especially scented ones?

Over the years, I have tried and tested so many different brands and types of candles as they form a large part of my relaxation routine, especially when life is hectic. Sometimes, in order to become heart centered again, only a candle flickering away with some good essential oils will allow me to truly switch off. My favorite one is called 'Winter Solstice'. A roaring fire with my meditation music in the background, oh boy am I in heaven!

I did wonder, in the begining, if it was just psychological but it turns out it is scientificlly proven that burning a candle has many health benefits. The flicker of the flame and the low lighting provided by candle light creates an ambience of relaxation and calm promoting a reduction in anxiety and stress and inducing quality sleep. However I recommend using a regular candle and burn your organic essential oils, that way you know what you are burning!

We also recommend natural soy wax, it ensures that no toxins are released whilst burning so the air is clean, allowing any natural fragrances to circulate throughout the room and perform their magic.

Winter Solstice Winter Light
Take Advantage of the Light

As Our Days Are Shorter, We Have Less Time To Be Out In Natural Light.

Even though it is a comfort to be inside where it's warm, over time the long nights of darkness can affect our mood.

So wrap up, take a flask of your favorite hot beverage and explore your local area at weekends. Try to visit a place where there is a lot of nature and breathe. (a natural exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the breath).

If this is not possible, do the same around your neigbourhood. Grab a few friends, neigbours and have a chin wag as you walk and stop in the park to drink and refresh. You could even go window shopping!

Winter Solstice Bonfire, Natural Fire
Hold A Bonfire Night
If possible, hold a bonfire night with friends and neighbours or gather around a natural fireplace.
Talk is usually light and reflective so it gives you time to reflect and release whatever parts of your past you no longer wish to hold onto as you focus on the flames burning.

You can either do this energetically with your mind or prepare a document beforehand to burn when the timing is right. Of course only when there is a real fire.

Winter Solstice, Winter Games
Share Yourself With People Closest To You

As you tend to retreat a little from the world and in effect show love to yourself, share yourself with the people closest to you.

During this time, take time out to put aside social media and text messages which are written and sent without a part of you with them.

Personalize your messages sent during this time, reconnect on a deeper level. If too late with the Season's cards, send a New Year one with your personal message.

Invite people around. It doesn't have to be a big affair. A BYOB, BYOC (cake or coffee) and you provide the rest with maybe some home games. If you look back at your life what are your memories, the event itself or who you spent the time with.

Try and find an indoor alternative to keep up your summer activities indoors. Movement not only keeps your body in shape, it stops the mind stagnating on the weather!

Winter Solstice Meditate, Book, Write, Insights
Saving Best To Last

Disconnect and Focus On Yourself

Take time to disconnect and be with yourself, not only will you benefit but your loved ones will too.

Allocate an hour with no disruptions, turn off your electronics

  • Light a candle and embrace the darkness and its contrast with the flame. Make sure you are warm and just sit with this and you will naturally go into a meditative state.
  • Have a clean page and pen by your side to write any insights that may come up during this time.
  • Review your past year, smile at the highlights and think about why they worked, what benefits did they provide you. Review your lowlights ,without judgement, just as an interested bystander. What did you learn from them? What could you have done differently to change them into a highlight?
  • Maybe after all is said and done, they brought about a necessary change. Maybe write that down!
  • Now turn your mind to your future. Where and what do you want in your life in five years and then in one year to make this plan happen?
  • Don't forget your blank page, its getting lonely!

Could this not be a more perfect way to prepare for your New Year and Decade!

Happy Winter Solstice


We enjoy having you in our Soul Seeker Community.

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