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Life’s Hurricanes – Are Your Transformation ~ Part 1

Life's Hurricanes - Are Your Transformation

Life’s hurricanes are like internal spring cleaning, they are wake up calls from our souls, whether individually or collectively. They are carriers of transformation. We just experienced three hurricanes in one week. First was a category 3, second was a category 1 and the third missed us almost completely. Just like life, the first one…

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Take Time To Check In With Your Soul, Your Natural Self


Reserve some quality time to be alone and check in with your soul. This means being with your natural self where there are no masks and no expectations, not even from yourself. Review your past week, what emotional reactions worked, what didn’t and where can you see yourself changing so that they do work. Discuss…

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Understanding How Stress Affects You and Why it Isn’t Always Bad

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Most of us know it’s no good to be stressed. We’ve heard that this is bad for our health and we know it can make us unhappy. But why exactly is this? What specifically is happening in the body and the brain when we’re stressed? And did you know that sometimes stress can actually be…

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