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Do You Overcome Obstacles In Your Life, Or Are You Following Your Direction?

Overcome Obstacles

Do You Overcome Obstacles In Your Life, Or Are You Following Your Direction? Life Is Not Linear, Nor Smooth. Some Obstacles, Unexpected As They May Be Are Welcome. Life has its ups and downs. It’s not always in balance nor is it a jet-propelled line drawn in the sky. Having goals helps you navigate the…

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Truth About Trouble With Communication


Truth About Trouble With Communication ~ #1 reason why is trust.   We all need to feel we are a part of and valued by that whole. Whether it is within a twosome or part of a group. We can meet these feelings of need through communication, especially speech.   Our spoken words, together with…

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Transcending Addiction Through Self-Awareness With 5 Tips

Addiction alcohol

Self-awareness is the best tool you can use when looking to overcome addiction. Mine was alcohol and here is my story. In 2017, I experienced something life-altering, which goes around as the term, Dark Night of the Soul. One step away from depression, the growing restlessness in me raised a series of questions that made…

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Winter Solstice ~ Celebrate With 4 Helpful Soulful Practices

Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice to You and Your Family. Our annual winter solstice in the northern hemisphere is celebrated throughout lots of religions and cultures and has many soulful meanings that make it so much more than just the shortest day of the year. Our inital reaction to this time of year is that it is…

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PH Balance ~ Little Known Fact To Gain Optimum Health

A PH Balance For Optimum Health

Balancing the PH In Your System There’s a theory in the health community that… Much like fire leaves ash when it burns, so does your metabolism. But we don’t call it ash. We call it metabolic waste. And metabolic waste, or what’s leftover after our metabolisms have consumed the food we’ve eaten, can be one…

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A Better Alternative To Sage?

Looking For An Alternative To Sage?

Looking for an alternative to sage? Are you like me and like to keep the air in your home fresh, clear and healthy? Not just from everyday dust, dirt and grime but energetically as well. Do you like the aroma of burnt leaves, especially sage? Neither do I, so I started looking for an alternative…

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3 Ways to Have the Energy and Motivation to Succeed in 2020

Motivation to Succeed

To succeed, the only motivation you need are these 3 attributes that provide the drive (goals), determination (visualization) and focus (energy) to get there. Take a look at any of the world’s most successful people and you will find they have almost superhuman levels of motivation. Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about visualizing his goals from a…

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Soul Gratitude Journal: A New Way

Soul Gratitude Journal: A New Way

Soul Gratitude Journal – An Improved Way To Journal Would love to share with you how I changed my entries in my soul gratitude journal. They went from almost a chore to an exciting adventure where I am the heroine, however, I found expressing gratitude in my journal after an event satisfying but short term.…

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Listen ~ Your Soul Is Your Guide

Listen Your Soul Your Guide

Listen ~ Your Soul Is Communicating Are You Having Trouble Communicating? Do you say to yourself “That’s not what I really want or wanted to say”? Why can’t I express from my soul, my true self and not what always responding with what others want to hear. We need to learn to trust ourselves again…

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Life’s Hurricanes – Part 2 ~ Conquering The Aftermath

Life's Hurricanes - Handling The Aftermath

Life’s Hurricanes – Conquering The Aftermath After handling the first one, the second one is a breeze, literally and metaphorically speaking. What results in hurricane damage the first time and subsequently if not dealt with? Taking nature as an example Your trees (yourself): branches break due to an imbalance of energy. Energy is going to…

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