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I change peoples lives!

Having a deep respect for each person's journey, I get to the point/source of the issue and treat all with soft tough love and my own zany sense of humor.

I believe that life is the most amazing playground. In sharing our unique tapestry's of lights, colors and space on life's roundabouts, we bring excitement and freedom to everyday life.

Freedom isn't about having no responsibilities (that would become boring, given time) but mastering your own presence, within as well as with others.

Nothing is more satisfying than assisting people to go beyond themselves and being able to live unfettered and unapologetic.

Praise from Clients

Desiree Testimonial

..is heart-centered, non-biased and clear thinking. On a deeper level she is a guide and mentor who listens and helps you hear yourself, to hear the chatter of your mind, your monkey mind when it's in mind-melt. She helps you work it out and to still your mind and see your truth. She helps you to return to your galactic greatness but remain refreshingly humble and rise forth. She assists you in returning to Life's realization that at all times we have been both the prisoner & prison-guard and yet the Teacher & The Student, I thank thee.. "

Dr. D Ward

My Story

My call to purpose came from a realization. A realization after being informed many times, that I am really good at knowing exactly what others need, no matter the situation and how to go about getting it. My gift is that I hear what the soul is saying, not just what the voice is saying. What's more I really enjoy doing it.

My life has sent me in many different directions, each 180 degree change has brought about a different set of circumstances, people's attitudes, beliefs, etc. After a while this began to do my head in as with each change there were a whole new set of rules and guidelines and opposite to what had come before.

As it was a regular occurrence, I began to notice a pattern and began to question WHY? After some extensive research all leading nowhere, I came to the realization that it was the Universe teaching me that times change and to learn to go with the flow. I used to be stubborn and dig my heels in around certain things and if I had my way, I would have stayed the same fixed thinker, that everything is black and white. As it isn't, I would have ended up fighting life itself and lost. (giggle).

Experiencing these many different scenarios has helped me contribute to the lives of clients, family, friends and organizations. It has also helped in developing my own ideas and methods of how to make the best of any given situation and move forwards.

Profile Su

As mentioned, the Universe had its plans for me and put me in situations and in front of certain types of people where I had to change. Where I learned, through support or adversity, to trust in my capabilities which in turn gave me confidence. It's during these times that I came to the realization that every single thing is energy, whether it is moving, interacting or stagnant, and that life happens during the exchange of these energies.

About Page

It took some years for it to sink in that I was capable and an effective contributor. Although I believed it intellectually, I had documents to prove it, I didn't believe it within myself as I just couldn't feel it.

As it has been for many others, it was a catalyst that was my saving grace, I lost a job I loved due to downsizing. As much as I loved it, the hours were a killer but the real saving grace is that I started to look out for myself and not put others needs before my own all the time and really got to know me and that came with some fun surprises.

Funny how adversity strengthens you from the inside. I have always been good helping others out in any given situation, knowing instantly what needs to be done (annoyingly easy) this time it was for me. I had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and more to the point I didn't want to. I took stock and realized as much as I enjoyed what I did for a living, the enjoyment had died. Because of the ungodly amount of hours I worked, it had killed my enthusiasm for it. Enough is enough, something had to change.

If I am to be completely honest, my passion had changed, my hobby had turned into an all consuming thought process, a passion.

I wanted to feel that passion in my daily life again, so took stock, and decided to combine my gifts for being there for others, knowing their best path and imparting this wisdom where it could be most effective.

I have an innate ability to be the most logical person who thinks outside the box. Maybe that's an oxymoron, but that's me.

For myself, I am living in a country that I love, manifested a lovely little cottage by the beach, with my own soul garden, great friends who I truly like as well as enjoying their company and my day is spent in the energetic service of others.

So armed with my old soul, third eye insight and constant awareness of how the universe works combined with a down-to-earth approach, I can connect with all types of people. I aim to help as many people as possible find their own light and value in their own life's poetry.

Life's Poetry = a series of events that attempt to stir a reader's imagination and emotions. The Universe does this by carefully choosing and arranging experiences for their meaning, vibration and growth.

Take heart, the Universe does have a sense of humor as not all poems are serious, some are simple and funny. Once you've experienced its humor, you will have a huge smile on your face.

Rainbow Su

Our life paths are journeys from one soul calling to the next which provides a life full of challenges, transformations, growth and is never boring.

If you need an interim road map to find out where you are, where you are going or how to get there in any area of your life, you can arrange a 30 minute free assessment call.

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