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What Is The Key To Peace, Clarity & Joy?


Mindfulness quietens the ego and engages your conscious and subconscious minds to communicate with your heart and soul.

Instead of having to choose which one to listen to, they become allies, a team supporting each other.

The result is you become one.

Living in mindfulness nurtures and uplifts your soul, igniting your inner light to shine.

In mindfulness, one is not only restful and happy, but alert and awake.

 ~ Thich Nhat Han

What Are The Benefits Of Living A Mindfulness Life?

Mindfulness allows you to see how each role you play in your life effects yourself (internally and externally) and your interactions with others.

Mindfulness allows your mind to see what is truly working, not working and to determine the best way forward.

Mindfulness teaches your mind how to learn from your heart and soul. Each component then contributes to and supports your whole.

Whether you are at home, in the office or out with friends, practicing mindfulness allows you to develop your soul whilst participating in the moment. This process brings you clarity and in turn, peace of mind.


Mindfulness helps you become:

more aware of yourself

more aware of your interactions with others

more aware of the effects your interactions have on others and yourself

more clear in your communications with others as your source is more authentic

more discernable on what interactions are working for you and what are not

more insightful in seeing your best way forward for yourself and the collective good



brings you clarity

brings you inner peace

creates a state of Joy

acts from a state of grace

connects you to your heart

develops your soul

"The Now Is Where You Become One With Your Soul"

~ Executive Soul Seekers


The Executive Soul Seeker Experience

Your Home and Source for Day-to-Day Soul Development

Our focus centers around 'how to connect with and develop your soul whilst living day-to-day.'

We specialize in solutions that satisfy logical minds as well as spiritual souls. We have found that action combined with intuition, logic and practical methods achieves results, the desired outcome.


"Come, Visit Our Communities & Academy"


Soul Garden Seekers ~ Our Community for the Collective. We Invite You To Grab a Beverage and Take a Tour of Our Garden and see what interesting events we have planned. Tour our Library (Units) for soul information, collective journals you can participate in, and more. Read our Announcements for info on what our Community is about. Become a part of our collective and make it your home.

Executive Soul Seekers ~ Our Community for the Individual. Now dedicated to providing information on individual soul development whilst Soul Garden Seekers Community is for the collective. This is a new change so we request your patience during the transition.

ESS Academy ~ Interested in soul programs and courses, sign up to the Academy and we'll keep you informed on our current programs.


Please note, these resources haven't been open long and are still in their infancy, there is much more to come.


Home World Community

Soul Garden Seekers

Our community, a place where you can join in with other soul seekers to share and exchange guidance in light and soulful discussions.

The mission here is to 'Create connections between fellow peers and nurture the virtues that unites us all'.

Our desired outcome is to raise personal soul vibration by creating clarity and vision for moving to your next level of soul development.

Our Soul Seeker's Community is thriving on collective interactions.

Some Of Our Activities

Sunday Coffee Mornings ~ Weekly topics chosen by community members.

Our own Library containing useful community information, soul topics of interest together with Journals for collective energy and accountability on Meditation, Yoga, Gratitude and Manifestation.

Events of interest, Moon, summits, etc. We are currently working on arranging Firesides. 

This community is still fairly new but growing with more to come........

Home Executive Soul Seekers

Executive Soul Seekers

A place for the individual soul seeker who wishes to expand their knowledge of soul communication and experience greater peace in their inner and outer worlds.

Our mission here is to 'Develop harmony between indivduals and their soul for authentic expression.

Authentic expression brings Peace, Harmony and Grace; not just in meditation or contemplation.

Short on time ~ You can take a look at some of our posts in the link at the foot of the page. Like and share from here and visit later.

We notify our members here of events in our other community, Soul Garden Seekers, so you can participate if you wish. We are currently looking into having these events streamed into both communites, stay tuned.

ESS Academy

Working through your course of choice whilst staying connected with others on the same journey, is priceless. They get you!

We get you too. We design, create and administer courses that you have requested. We structure them so they fit into your busy and often hectic lifestyle.

Our Programs start with your goal in mind, what is it you need to know to achieve this goal, not what we want to teach you.

We design our courses to give you the most logical methods we know so you take the required action that gets results.

"We use our mindfulness to teach you your mindfulness."

Registration Opening Soon

We are in the process of transferring our courses and adding more to a designated platform.

If you would like to be added to our waitlist, please provide your contact details in the attached form and we will contact you with our offerings once courses and dates have been finalized.


Compliments From Our Communities & Academy

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Love The Group Ethic and Vibe

"Welcome new comers ❤️This is a really great group. Su is so giving with her knowledge we are all very blessed to be here. I certainly appreciate being a part of this beautiful group. 🌈❤️

~ ~~

"Love the group ethic and vibe." ~ Gel

~ ~~

'You are definitely an angel on earth. Thank you for this page and all that you do to help others. Love and blessings to you. xx 🌈❤️ ~ Barbz


Soul Garden Seekers Community

You Feel Susan Is Holding Your Hand

A wonderful time and life management course in a caring atmosphere which creates trust, releases doubting and motivates for action. You feel Susan is holding your hand along the way.  Read More ...


Elen S

ESS Academy Participant 'Pursue The Dream'
SGSA Tammy

An Amazing Course

I enjoyed creating the Soul Map because it gave me a great overall perspective on my life this far. It was like having a life review which is something we don't take enough time to do these days! Read More ...


Tammy L

ESS Academy Participant 'Pursue The Dream'

Connect With & Develop Your Soul

~ Day-by-Day ~

Home Coach & Mentoring

When You Realize Your World Has Gotten So Busy That It's No Longer Your Life Any More, Come Visit Me.

I mentor, coach and support individuals and groups in Mindfulness and related soul modalities to bring clarity and harmony back into your daily life and relationships. With clarity and mindfulness, you are able to place yourself back into your own life whilst still fulfilling your responsibilities to your loved ones and others.

Scientific research has now proven that Mindfulness is a means to finding clarity for inner peace and joy.

Using knowledge, experience and intuition, enables me to intuitively provide realistic and practical steps for my clients to implement and get results.

I’m not just a person who coaches in mindfulness; I’m also a seasoned practitioner who now lives in Joy.

Specializing in highly stressed business executives and entrepreneurs as having been through the process and reached the other side.

Coach, Mentor & Supporter

Mindfulness frees you from being a prisoner of your mind instead, your mind becomes your ally.

Having your mind as your ally brings clarity and peace to live in the state of Joy. Joy enables you to develop your soul further.

No longer are you subject to the constant monkey mind of your past or future, trying to control your emotions or deciding on this or that. 

Find out How By Taking Action Today


Desiree Testimonial heart-centered, non-biased and clear thinking. On a deeper level she is a guide and mentor who listens and helps you hear yourself, to hear the chatter of your mind, your monkey mind when it's in mind-melt. She helps you work it out and to still your mind and see your truth. read more ...

Dr. D Ward

~ Executive Soul Seekers Client

Are You Ready To Gain Your Clarity?

Book a 30-Minute Complementary Session and Ask One Question.

Discover for Yourself the Power of Your Mind and How It Can Work With You and Not Its Own Agenda.

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Guide To Meditation - Soul Garden Seeker
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Meditation ~ Still Experiencing Obstacles?


Soul Garden Seekers Guide to Meditation - Obstacles and Their Solutions is a handy reference tool outlining common obstacles nearly all meditators face at some point together with their recommended solutions.

With simple and effective solutions, our guide shows you how to make your Meditation work for you, so you receive the benefits everyone raves about.

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